Plein-air painting became the characteristic art technique for Bednarova as she focuses on the immersion to the landscape of North-East India, where she currently lives and works. Walking in pristine untouched nature and discovering hidden sceneries of rain forests may be in future only utopic recall stored in our memory. Bednarova works with the image of nature which we used to know. The paintings on canvas by acrylic or on raw silk by natural pigments tell the story about the wild nature, which can inspire humans for survival by its biodiversity and ability to grow in the uneasy terrains. Documenting the sceneries from jungles by landscape painting is an attempt to portray the wild nature and preserve those images of harmony, mutuality and co-existence which are disappearing from human eyes.


2014  Master of Visual arts degree at Faculty of Fine Arts, Maharaja Sayjirao University of Baroda

Gujarat, India, ICCR Scholarship

2012  BA degree at Department of painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, VUT Brno, Czech Republic

2011  Department of painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Bratislava, CEPUS Scholarship

2009  Department of painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, UVP/ EHU, Spain ERASMUS Scholarship


Solo Exhibitions:

2021 - Splynúť s divočinou / Merging with Wilderness, Solo Exhibition, Atelier XIII Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2019 - Root Bridges, Solo Exhibition, Cin Cin Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2017 - Rastúce Kamene, Art Cafe Banská Štiavnica, SLOVAKIA

2016 -Stories from East, FOYER Gallery, Stare Divadlo Karola Spisaka, Nitra, SLOVAKIA

Group Exhibitions:

2021  Nová Vlna / New Wave, Group show, curated by Maria Horvatova, Gallery TOP AUTO Premium, Jaguar Land Rover,

          Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2021  Czech-Slovak Visual art, Genius Loci Gallery, Group Exhibition which was shifted from Gallery Testing Centre due

          the lock down period, Biznis Centrum, Poštová, Žilina SLOVAKIA

2020  ARTBASE, Group Exhibition, curated by Zuzana Dankova, Dot. Contemporary Art Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2020  Maľba 2020, Group Exhibition of the finalists of the art competition for young art, curated by: Nina 

          Gažovičová, Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2020  Love Revoluiton, Virtual Exhibition of artists from 36 different countries, curated by Lalhming Mawii, Art

          Novelty Gallery in collaboration with Indian Council for Cultural Relation, Mizoram, INDIA

2019  Decembrové stopy, Group Exhibition, Cin Cin Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

2019  Maľba 2019, Group Exhibition of the finalists of the art competition for young art, curated by: Nina 

          Gažovičová, Nedbalka Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA 
2019  Cultural Mosaic, Group Exhibition Vanapa Hall, Aizawl, Mizoram, INDIA

2018  Decembrové stopy 7, Group Exhibition, Cin Cin Gallery, Bratislava, SLOVAKIA 
2018  Abode of Clouds, Group Exhibition Gallery of India International Centre, New Delhi, INDIA
2017  Monolith Memories, Group Exhibition by Picasso Pupils, Asian Confluence Gallery, Shillong, INDIA
2016  Beyond the Mist in Vadodara, Group Exhibition organized by Parul University, Picasso Pupils and

          The Embassy of The Slovakia in New Delhi, SPACE STUDIOS Gallery, Baroda, INDIA 
2016  Beyond the Mist in Delhi, Group Exhibition organized by Picasso Pupils and The Embassy of the Slovakia
          in New Delhi, AlFACS Gallery, Delhi, INDIA  
2015  Multipoint 2015, Group Exhibition of the international art symposium, Gallery Universum Nitra, SLOVAKIA
2014  Full on, short movie festival, screening of the video “Legend form Basistha village”, Faculty of fine Arts,
          MSU Baroda, INDIA
2014  MVA II, The Gallery Faculty of Fine Arts, MSU Baroda, INDIA
2013  Crossing Across, Group Exhibition, Gallery Pioneer New Delhi, INDIA
2011  Pokracuj…, Group Exhibition,  Museum Chodovská Tvrz Praha, Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
2010 “Pintura al aire Libre Sondika”, selection form participants of competition, gallery: Sala de Exposiciones,
          Sondika, Bilbao, SPAIN
2010  Arenatzarte, collective exhibition from universities of fine arts in Spain, Gueñes, SPAIN
2009  PINDUCA, exhibition of the Body design department, Museum of Arts, Opava, CZECH REPUBLIC



2021 Collaboration Grands of Asia-Europe Foundation for video Merging with Wildnersness

2020 Slovak Arts Council Schollarship for production

2019 and 2020  finalist of Painting Art Contest for young contemporary visual artists, MALBA VUB


Other Achievements:


2015 - 2019   Founder Member of PPIAC, Slovakia and Picasso Pupils An Art Society, India, organizing

                      workshops, art competitions for youth and international art residencies for professional artists
2017 - 2019   Kopanice bez hranice, Art Symposium and festival, Organizer
2016 - 2019   Artists’ Point International art residency, Meghalaya, North-East India, organized in collaboration

                      with The Embassy of the Slovak Republic in New Delhi and Meghalaya Government, Organizer