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Beyond The Mist

The ideal way to discover paths through a shifting landscape of possibilities is to combine baby steps with speculative leaps. Success is an outcome of focused thought and action. What the Meghalaya — Slovak nexus is catalysing is the creation and depiction of art expressed with finesse, freshly imagined, compellingly detailed, revealing the sources of joy, love, peace, and silence. I am certain that aficionados of art, as well as the public at large, will be audience to a series of unmitigated excellence from the works on display.


Life is enriched by the commitment, passion, and focus we give it, not just the time we give it. Art teaches us ways of turning our life stories into living expressions of human endeavour; all life stories are turning points, and art has the power to induce us into

a mesmerizing and intense learning experience, arousing wisdom that can resonate into the remote future.

The pioneering spirits of the entities in this venture deserve infinite congratulations in launching an enterprise that will awaken the inherent brilliances resident within the wonderful people of Meghalaya.


In today’s evolving world, we need multi-sensory tools to detect, decipher, design, depict, and deliver new offerings, via techniques to map experiences that engage and compel. Using these skills, participants and practitioners amplify and augment one another’s knowledge, talents, and capabilities. Art is a perfect crucible for such a creative mandate.

My personal appreciation of art lies in the way the experience can transport us from awful to awesome, from apathy to animation, from the swamps to the stars. From caves to condominiums, we have come a long way, but the magic of art lies in its magical possibilities being infinite and eternal.

I unreservedly applaud the ‘Picasso Pupils’ movement, kindled by propelling insights into action, to reach for that which is highest within us. But unless a vision is sustained by action, it quickly turns to ashes. I thus encourage everyone who desires to be alive with life to become Patrons of ‘Picasso Pupils’.


The time to move ahead is BEFORE you think it is time to move ahead. Let us do so now, and allow art to reveal to us the bliss of growth, the glory of action, the splendour of achievement, I sense that ‘Picasso Pupils International Art Community’ will exhilarate our emotions, excite our senses, energise our bodies, and elate our minds. Bon voyage! Let the adventure begin!


Dilip Mukerjea

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